Ticket Resale Policy


To ensure that you are purchasing authentic tickets and not overpaying, ALWAYS buy your tickets through our official website improvtx.com or our official ticketing partner ticketweb.com. The Texas Improv locations & Laugh Out Loud Comedy do not sell tickets through any other websites. We have NO AFFILIATION with any secondary market/3rd party ticketing sites.


Be aware that we are seeing an increasing number of people being sold fake tickets, and unfortunately, in most cases these fake tickets are for shows that are in high demand. Shows that, in many cases, have been sold out for months. Sadly, in those cases we cannot even offer those impacted individuals the opportunity to purchase a valid ticket as those shows are already at full capacity.

As always, the only way to ensure your tickets are authentic and will grant you access to the show being purchased, is to buy them from our official website or our official ticketing partner. Further, please be aware that tickets can only be verified once they are scanned at the door and not prior to the event.

The Improv cannot guarantee the validity of tickets purchased through any entity but the two official sites listed above. Should you arrive to an event with fraudulent tickets and are not permitted entrance to the event, there is nothing we at the Improv or Laugh Out Loud can do to assist you. We have absolutely no information regarding any ticket not purchased through official channels. If you have issues with tickets purchased from a secondary market/3rd party ticketing site, you must contact your original point of purchase.

We are not responsible for any ticketing, pricing, or purchasing issues that you may encounter from 3rd party/resale sites, nor are we responsible for the validity of tickets purchased on ANY website that is not improvtx.com or ticketweb.com.