Clifton Simmons

Clifton Simmons

LOL San Antonio

Sun Jan 14
Age Restrictions: 18+

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Clifton Simmons' Bio

Charisma. Swagger. Delivery. These are just a few of the words used to describe one of the premier entertainers in the 210 area, Clifton Simmons. A true Jack of all trades in the entertainment industry, Clifton has wowed audiences with his poetry, left them holding their sides with his comedy, and enlightened people with his intelligence. The unapologetically original Clifton was even nominated “Best Comic in San Antonio” by the San Antonio Current Magazine.

Cliff is a true student of the comedy game, having learned from some of the greats while being the original doorman at the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club. Though, comedy isn’t the only thing he is known for. Ever watch VH1’s “My True Crime”? Well, Clifton appears on season two. A true self-made success story, Clifton is still one of the humblest people you will ever meet. Even though he has worked with greats such as Bob Saget and DL Hughley, if you ask Cliff what it is he wants to do, he will answer that all he wants is another chance at being a doorman.